Liz Vids – Life With Batshit

About These Videos…..

So what had happened was – a few years ago I was in a really dark place. And I happened upon this cool little program called “GoAnimate”.  So I played around with it and – created these goofy little snippets. It helped – A LOT. Hope you enjoy!

Is Your Mother A NARC?

Where’s My Apology?????

One of my mother’s favorite sayings was, “I’d rather burn in hell than apologize to you for anything you’ve imagined I’ve said or done to you”.

This conversation between my mother and I happened about 2 years into another estrangement. Her reason for the shunning? She had a “new boyfriend” and couldn’t be bothered with me, or anyone else. This is what happened after he dumped her – for good.

Happy Fucking Mother’s Day

Aren’t “Mother’s Day” the worst? A “special day” to honor someone who terrorizes you the other 364 days?? I’d rather have a root canal. Without a dentist. Just sayin……

Typical Thanksgiving (and every other Holiday) with Mother.


My mother was ALWAYS threatening suicide & faking her own death, just to see who would care.


My mother was a savage when it came to behaving one way – then switching to another in an instant, depending on who she’s trying to trick.

Lizzi Disassociates From NPD Mom

So my mother would always start these epic fights as a means to estrange herself from me – then get pissy when I stayed estranged. She’d stalk and hunt me down just to remind me how much she despised me.

Mark Meets the Family

My mother was CONSTANTLY trying to immesh herself in my relationships. She had a sick obsession my ex-boyfriend – an asshole I dated for 2 months. He sucked up to my mother. I called him out on it. He hit me. I dumped him.My mother sided with him. She then spent the rest of her life blaming my new love (and future husband) for the break up with the old asshole. THIS is what happened the first time I brought my hubby- to- be – over to meet my family.

Lizzi Does Court

Many times my mother threatened to sue me. For expenses related to my Golden Child sister leaching off her. I lived 2000 miles away. Of course it never happened but if it did….? Just sayin…….

NARC Mom Stalks Lizzi

Yes. She did. She and Golden Child / Flying Monkey showed up at my job with no warning. I lived in North Carolina. They lived in California. Yep. It’s called “batshit” for a reason.

Golden Child Turns 21

Yep. I took the Flying Monkey to a club for her 21st birthday and this is EXACTLY what happened.

I’ll Have My Rights Trampled All Over, With A Side of Profiling, Please.

Crazy shit happen when the mixed chick looks Hispanic, and the black guy looks White.

Mom Runs Out Of Narcissistic Supply

Sad but true. My Mother, in true impulsive form, bought a house with some guy she’d only known a few months, moved out of state with him then promptly went bored. In need of Narcissistic Supply, she tricked her new flying monkey into threatening me. They certainly we’re not expecting my hubby’s response.

Coming Cleanish

Warning your hubby-to-be of the batshit he’s marrying into – not an easy task.

Golden Child. Staying Golden