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About me – where to start? I’m a grandmother, mother, wife, introvert, life lover, true crime junkie, thrill seeking, cozy up in hubby’s socks with a book, loud mouth, softy, feminista, tea sippin, beach luvin, shit talkin, boot stompin, mountain hiking, survivor, mixed bag of weirdness kinda girl.

Who likes to write.

Can’t lie, I’m deliriously & happily married to my best friend & phenomenal life mate who ALWAYS has my back, mother of an incredibly beautiful (inside and out) daughter and grandmother to a trio of gorgeously gifted granddaughters. I love photography, am a wannabe blogger, an introvert armed with a Kindle, and a lover of life, nature and Brazilian coffee. I was born & raised in Southern California before moving to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1996.  And life is fabulous!

I'm Too Sexy For....Your Psychosis
I’m Too Sexy For Your Psychosis

It wasn’t always.

I am an adult daughter of a narcissistic / borderline personality disordered mother and an enabling, co-dependent alcoholic father.  I’m the scapegoated sibling  of two sisters – Slag (Golden Child) and Psycho (Ignored Child)  who are both, to this day, sadly,  utterly and forever fucked in the head.

And guess what? Scapegoats are fabulous!!!!!!  We really, truly are. Why? Cause we don’t get picked randomly or by accident.  We’re chosen for our beautifully human traits –  we are  sensitive, vulnerable,  outspoken truth seekers.  We are the ones who  refuse to look content and stay silent in the unbearable atmosphere created in the home.  We are the black sheep in a family of lunatics who exist only to tear us down, destroy our spirits, shred our souls and make us just like them – alone, bitter and broken.

With my G-Angels, Evie & Cora

So welcome to my personal journey through the gates of Hell and back. It is, at times, blunt, dark, offensive, vile – and not intended for the squeamish or faint of heart. If you suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder and / or Borderline Personality Disorder – I caution you to proceed at your own risk – you will find no supply here, my dear.

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