Oh Cruel V Day – How You Mocketh

I hate Valentine’s Day. I really do. I don’t get why we need a special day to celebrate our significant others. Cause we should be doing that everyday.

Look at all the chaos this one stupid day creates. Seriously. If you’re single, well, you’re just fucked. Made to feel even more alone than you were, yesterday. Sitting in the dark with 13 cats, chugging champagne straight outta the bottle and watching commercials jam packed with beautiful people falling in love all over the world. Bloody awful shit.

If you’re in a relationship, the expectations can, and often do, go off the rails. Yesterday at work I was getting damn tired of folks gabbing to each other about what their mates “better be getting them” for V day. You know, like a threat.  He “better buy me this” he “better give me that“. Or hell would be paid.

Um, that’s not love. That’s a barter. Just sayin.

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