Racist? Entitled? Or Just Plain Stupid?

So this ugly thing happened. Here. In Charlotte. The city I’ve been loving and embracing since moving here 20 years ago.

Susan Westwood is the latest in a familiar string of idiots being taken down for being, well, stupid. Yeah she’s a racist too – but her stupidity is at the wheel right now. So let’s roll with it.

Apparently while getting sloshed, alone in her $1,300 per month apartment (which in the South Park area, Charlotte’s equivalent of  Beverly Hills, means she’s living in a 400 square foot price gouging closet) dancing with herself (as you do when you’re like, really hot and really white, as she repeats over and over again in the video) – she was momentarily jarred when she peeped out a window and saw two African American women in the parking lot. Standing near a disabled car. In the middle of the night. A very cold, wet night.

So what does she do? Offer a helping hand? Jumper cables? A couple mugs of cocoa? Oh no. Not Miss South Park Susie. She goes full blown confrontational batshit. All kinds of racist things come flying out of this gal; baby daddys & you don’t belong heres & weaves, you know, the usual How To Be A Racist for Dummy’s quips. But then she wades into the shallow waters of entitlement “I’m white”.

The fuck?

Three days after her rant went viral, she went on the lamb, as you do, when you’ve morphed yourself into a social pariah.  She’s since turned herself in, was terminated from her lucrative job & evicted from her cushy pad.

Karma. Just sayin.

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