Cruisin Into 34 Years of Hijinks and Shenanigans

Our anniversary was coming up and I wanted to do something kinda special, you know, besides the usual dinner out/sex in/newest high tech gadgety gift exchange. Cause we do this all the time, you know, not just special occasions so I wanted to blow it outta the box this year. Go BIG.

A cruise! Yes! Though the Caribbean! Of course!

I threw myself into planning the perfect getaway – poring over every detail of every cruise liner on the East Coast. I ended up choosing Princess cause they have an awesome (and incredibly reasonable) Vow Renewal package – champagne breakfast in bed, tour of the bridge (which I knew Malcolm would LOVE – and he did) romantic couples massages & chocolate covered strawberries – yum!

I booked everything through Costco Travel (who knew?) – which in addition to having the best price, they threw in a member perk – $200.00 shipboard in credit! Nice! The other great thing about booking through Costco is that they have the best customer service reps in the galaxy! Not that I had any problems – but I did a little researching on the aft cabin I’d booked and found out it was close to a foul smelling vent. Totally NOT how I planned on spending a romantic week on the open sea. So I called Costco and ten minutes later, we were moved to a midship cabin with a huge, private balcony AND they refunded us $400.00! Something I learned about booking months in advance – you can call Costco Travel anytime about anything and they will automatically check on any flash deals or discounts that are going on – and give them to you!

So a side note about alcohol. FIRSTLY, I’ve heard that drinks on the ship are way overpriced. SECONDLY, you can purchase a drink package for around $350.00. THIRDLY, we don’t drink enough for the drink package, however FORTHLY we do partake in a good stiff one every now and again – but not at $10.00 a pop. What’s a couple of tee teetotalers to do?

Well hello Rum Runners!

(But you heard NONE of this from me – hee hee)

Malcolm had to stop and photo a speed track…..because hey, it’s a speed track.

So we Malcolm decided to drive down to Ft. Lauderdale. He’s all about road trips so fine. We stayed overnight in Ormond Beach, FL. which is near Daytona.

Ormond Beach is BEAUTIFUL! Warm white sand, blue waves. I’m such a beachy chick who took So Cal for granted with Newport & Huntington Beaches only a 45 minute drive away. Now it’s a weekend trip to get to the NC beaches – which are awesome. In fact, I think I’m more in love with east coast than west coach waves now. Yep.

Ormond Beach – just before sunset *sigh*

Okay so we finally get to the ship, the Caribbean Princess and it’s BEAUTIFUL.

So we cruised through the Caribbean – and it was MAHVALOUS, dahlink!  We walked. And shopped. And brunched.

I mean, I could live out the rest of my life on a luxury liner. For real. I hear it’s actually cheaper than dying in a nursing home – I’m looking into that.

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