Men At Belks

So winter is coming (maybe?) which means Kay needs long pants for school. Now that she’s 14 (with legs like a baby giraffe), she’s gotten awfully persnickety about her attire. Gone are the days of Target & Walmart khakis. She will only do straight legged denim, preferably skinnies. As long as they’re tan, or navy, she can rock ’em at school. They can be denim, they just can’t LOOK denim.

We usually do our clothes shopping without M. For many reasons but the main ones being 1…) It’s HOW MUCH? 2) THE HELL? and 3) OVER MY DEAD BODY! Shopping should be a pleasent experience….not one to be bogged down with crap like….budgeting.

But for some odd reason, he wanted to accompany us yesterday. Fine.

We’re heading into Belks (May Company in Cali…if May Co still exists) and I say to Kay “Okay I think you’re a Junior now. Size 0, maybe a 1, so let’s start there.” When it comes to perusing department stores, I’m a bit of a distracted wanderer. I get lost in the haze of beautful, untouched, shiny new things that need to be in my closet. But I stayed on task….and found myself utterly abandoned in the Junior section. No M. No Kay.

No worries. I found some skinny Khakis, snatched up a 0 and a 1, then went in search of la familia.

Found them. In the Children’s section. Kay was tuned out, sitting in a corner, snap chatting away. M was scratching his head, with a deer in the headlights look. He seemed relieved to see me.

I ask ‘Uh….what happened?”

Says he (pointing out the signs on the wall) “Well that says sizes 7 to 14. That can’t be right cause you say she’s a size 0. I knew not to go to the sign for sizes 2 to 6X. So I came over here where the sign clearly says O to 2….and it’s like….stuff you’d get for Evie. THE HELL?”

I know. I KNOW.

In all fairness, I’m just as clueless in the power tool section of any Home Depot.

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