Gone Girl


Leslie back in the day – around 1970

So Leslie Van Houten’s been green lighted for parole. Sorta. A California review board has recommended her release, however, Governor Jerry Brown has the power to nix it. Last year a review board recommended parole for another Manson associate, Bruce Davis (who participated in the murder of ranch hand Donald Shea but was not involved in the Tate-LaBianca murders) which Governor Brown rejected with a terse  “Davis’ own actions demonstrate that he had fully bought into the depraved Manson family beliefs.”

Smidge of history – August, 1969, Leslie Van Houten was part of the Manson family – a group of depraved loons who believed Charlie Manson was their savior, sent from Heaven to lead them to an eternal afterlife, via an underground paradise in the middle of Death Valley.  While a race war between blacks and whites ravaged the Earth. Or something. Cause this is what the Beatles were saying. To Charlie. But  black folks were a little lax in bringing on Armageddon so Manson sent his minions skulking through the hills of Hollywood to murder an actress, three of her friends and some poor kid who was literally in the wrong place at the wrong time.  With their victims blood, they wrote a bunch of stupid shit all over the walls, appliances & doors hoping the cops would finger the Black Panthers. Now, I could be wrong on this – but I think the Panthers had their hands full organizing free breakfast programs for hungry children in Oakland and being stalked by the FBI to go gallivanting through wealthy neighborhoods killing white folks.

But that’s just me.

Leslie wasn’t a part of that killing crew. She went out the following night to help murder a shop owner and his wife.

Still, as far as parole goes? I don’t think girlfriend has a chance.

And should she?

Hubby and I had a pretty intense convo about this whilst on our way to Ikea this afternoon. He’s all for her release cause, hell, she’s 66 years old, what harm can she possibly do? Gee I dunno, lets ask Ms Dorothea Puente who was a spry 60 when she put 7 senior citizens on ice then buried them in her garden. Just sayin. Me? I think Leslie needs to stay put. Seriously. Originally sentenced to death, her conviction was commuted to life when Cali briefly halted executions back in 1972. In other words, she dodged the pellets.  Be grateful and quit your bitchin. Hubby? He says “She was only 19 years old when she stabbed that dead lady. And  she was brain washed by Charlie. Are you the same person now, as you were at 19? None of us are. She’s no different”.

Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie VanHouten- around 1970

She’s no different?

I about bounced the car off a curb.

We’ve all been 19. A lot of us came from fucked up homes. We had issues, did drugs, screwed around & messed up. Very few of us dealt with our angst by plunging a knife 16, 18, 25 times into the backside of a helpless, innocent woman who was either dying or already dead, as her husband was being butchered in the next room. It takes a special kind of maniac to do that.

Which makes her different.

Even if the Governor approves her parole (and I’m thinking he won’t – hell, her co-defendant, Susan Atkins, one legged and bedridden with a brain ravaged by cancer was denied compassionate parole – and she certainly posed no threat to anyone) what kind of life awaits Les on the outside? She’s been in prison nearly 50 years – a lots changed since then.

Before she was a Manson Zombie – Leslie was a home coming princess. I bet her music collection looked like …..


……and she listened to them on  …….


…..while watching …….


……and gabbing with her gal pals…..


…..and snapping photos …..


All of which have been replaced with……..


So she’s got a bit of a learning curve ahead of her.

If she’s released.

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