This Crazy Bitch Here….

By now most of us have heard about Christy Sheats, the batshit Slag who gunned down her two daughters in front of her husband, Jason. As as “special gift” to him. He’d just turned 45.

Happy Fucking Birthday.

You know, every time a “mother” loses her shit and murders her children, and it seems to be happen a lot, shock waves go crashing through our psyches. “She seemed so nice!” we say. “She was the perfect mom!” “She loved her girls!” And the million dollar question “What woman in her right mind would murder her own children?”  

The minute this woman’s face flashed on the screen, my first thought was “Personality Disorders: Cluster B”  Why? Cause she’s 42 years old and either badly photo shopped or botoxed to the gills. Probably both.  In another photo, she’s selfiing with her girls and at first glance it’s hard to tell the mother from the daughters – the trio could easily pass for sisters.  She’s jealous of her daughters and competing, with them, I thought.  She hates them for being  younger than her. Prettier than her. This hatred bubbles just under the surface – she’ll hold onto this rage until the perfect moment.

So I dove deep into some research on this monster cause really, that’s exactly what she is. Was.  Here’s a few symptoms of Cluster Fucks NPD/BPD/HPD, and how I think it relates to Slag

  • People with this disorder are often quite flirtatious or seductive, and like to dress in a manner that draws attention to themThat’s obvious just from the gazillion selfies on her facebook page.
  • Fear of abandonment, an irrational belief that one is imminent danger of being personally rejected, discarded or replaced. Her husband was divorcing her. Her older daughter was  going to be married and abandoning her moving away.  He’d already put her out of their beautiful house, subjecting her to a tiny apartment a few miles away. At his expense.  The girls chose to stay with him. In Slag’s deranged brain, this translated to “they love him more than me”. They were no longer her daughters, they were traitors.
  • Threats  and inappropriate, intentional warnings of destructive actions or consequences. In recent weeks, several 911 calls were made regarding “someone” threatening suicide. On the day of the murder, she apparently held the gun to her own head, before turning it on her daughters.
Beautiful Madison – Facebook Photo
  • Self aggrandizement, a pattern of pompous behavior, boasting, narcissism or competitiveness designed to create an appearance of superiority. In her Linkedinaccount, she claims two years employment as the manager of a tattoo removal salon. Truth is she only worked there for 5 months as an appointment setter, claims her ex-boss, ended up terminating her due to her erratic behavior.
  • Explosive verbal, physical or emotional elevations of a dispute.  Not for one minute do I believe last Friday was her first violent rage against her family.I can only imagine the fear she instilled in her family long before her final performance.
  •  People with Cluster B Personality Disorders often feel devastated when they realize they have normal, average human limitations; that they are not as special as they think, or that others don’t admire them as much as they would like. Truth can be a mothefucker for these subhumans. Their entire lives are spent masking who they really, truly are. To the outside world, they’re faking their way though. They’re charming, witty, polished and perfect. Behind closed doors, to the people who love them the most, they’re tyrannical, vindictive, manically controlling bullies. It doesn’t happen over night – these monsters instill this horrible shit in their children from birth. Spouses are unwittingly sucked in and soon  become enablers with out even realizing it.
Beautiful Taylor and her fiancee, Juan – Facebook Photo
  • Infantilization – Treating a child as if they are much younger than their actual age. News reports say Slag had inappropriately grounded Taylor, who was 22, a college grad and engaged, which sparked an argument between the parents. How dare he question Slag’s authority like this? She’d show him. She’d show them all.

This monster didn’t just “snap” and annihilate her family.  This was a very calculated, thought out, pre planned assassination. She was in fear of having her “perfect” life, her lies, deceptions and insanity exposed and, like my own Cluster B mother, she’d rather eat a bullet than accept any responsibility for her part in any of it. I believe she absolutely intended to commit suicide. But she’d make sure to destroy her family, first. She killed her daughters to punish their father.They were a means to her end. Revenge is a classic trait of personality disordered individuals – they thrive on it.

What’s hard for normal people to understand is that there are shitty people walking among us who were born without empathy. Sympathy. Who are totally incapable of loving anyone, including their own children. I would imagine it’s fairly easy to abuse, even kill, those you neither love nor have human feelings for. The thing is, deep down, even they know they’re missing a chip. But this is conveniently over ridden by their innate belief that they’re fine, everyone else is fucked up – despite the constant chaos they create. Slags are mysteries wrapped in riddles that are logical only to themselves.

There is nothing anyone could have done to prevent this tragedy from happening. I read somewhere that Slag inherited the gun from her recently deceased grandfather – chances are her family didn’t even know she had one. Slags are master manipulators. Chances are when police followed up on the suicide calls, she adjusted her mask, played the victim, charmed them into thinking everything was fine and the call was a simple misunderstanding. Even if the girls spoke up about her lunacy (which I’m sure they didn’t, they’d already experienced the wrath that comes when trying to out the monster) Slag would bat her eyes at the officers, saying “Oh you know how dramatic teenagers are…..always exaggerating”. Offspring of Slags exist in a perpetual lose lose situation.

Monsters like this Slag are no different than shit cakes. No matter how much icing you  put on it – it’s still shitty on the inside.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to Jason, Juan, the family, friends and loved ones of Taylor and Madison and the community of Katy, Texas.

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