RIP Harambe

I am not a big fan of Zoo’s however I have taken my baby & grand babies many a time. Meg, an animal lover since the womb – was forever trying to figure out ways to get into the Bear, Gorilla, Monkey, Lion & Seal exhibits because on any given day, she THOUGHT SHE WAS a Bear, Gorilla, Monkey, Lion or Seal. They were “her people” & she was determined to be one, with them – which is why, between the ages of 1 and 4, I TETHERED MY WILD CHILD TO MY WRIST. I thought it was more humane than an actual harness type thing – she’s my child, not my poodle – and she could roam about 4 feet without constraint. In fact – I used this every single time we were in crowded places – because my child was (and for the most part, still is) FEARLESS.

Save An Endangered Animal – Leash Your Child

I’m not trying to parent bash here but – WTF??? I am outraged any time an animal is harmed and, worse, destroyed, because of stupid, careless and thoughtless human beings. This Gorilla did NOTHING wrong. This child did what any normal, undisciplined, unsupervised four year old does. This parent did what a lot of parents do – assume that it’s the Zoo’s responsibility to prevent her children from climbing and crawling into enclosures. NO. Their job is to keep the animals INSIDE their enclosures. It’s up to us to be, you know, PARENTS – and keep our kids from doing this kind of stupid shit.

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